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REST APIs are simple, right? Then why are they so complex?

It takes skill to make something truly simple, but it doesn't have to take years of apprenticeship to learn that skill.

This eBook explains every facet of REST API creation while employing brevity and pragmatism. It covers only what you need to know to get your work done, without any cumbersome academic pursuits.

I have years of experience creating and using REST APIs, and mentoring API developers. I even built a popular REST API framework. You won't find a more concentrated source of REST knowledge!

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Adam Tuttle

Who am I?

I am Adam Tuttle and I'm a passionate programmer living near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I've been teaching and mentoring for longer than I can remember. I have presented at conferences, contributed to magazines, and appeared on podcasts — always to talk about REST. Now I'm adding a self-published book to that list.

What's Inside?

At just a hair over 100 pages, there's not a lot of wiggle room. All steak, no sizzle!

  • 22 pages on what REST is, why it's popular, and how it got to be that way
  • 5 pages explaining a raw REST HTTP request and response
  • 14 pages on security: Basic Auth, SSL, API keys, OAuth, CORS, and JSONP
  • 34 pages on best practices; too many to list here!
  • 20 pages of concrete code samples showing how it's done with Taffy
  • Plus a few more pages to make things flow nicely and bring it all together into book form

Don't Take My Word For It

"Finally! REST for the rest of us! Adam Tuttle has produced a straight-forward, concise, and pragmatic explanation of one of those concepts that everybody thinks they know, but very few take the time to really understand. He takes the concepts from "perfect world" academic REST to, 'How do I make that work with the %^[email protected]! mess that is my data source?'"

Photo of Sharon DiOrio Sharon DiOrio, Google Developer Expert
Sr. UI Engineer
Addison Group, Boston

"Having decided to read the first chapter now, just to see what I'm getting myself into, I read the whole thing. I absolutely could not put this book down. It's refreshing to see a book focusing on pragmatism over dogmatism."

Photo of Adam Cameron Adam Cameron
PHP Developer
Hostel Bookers

"To be honest, REST has always felt like a "nice" idea, but not worth the effort. After reading Adam's book, I'm convinced that it is worth my time and a requirement for building a decent API."

Photo of Raymond Camden Raymond Camden
Developer Advocate

"A very straightforward explanation of all things REST that was easy to understand and more than once had me chuckling. It's a well thought out quick read with great examples from a true industry professional. Whether you're new to REST or have been coding with REST APIs for a while, there's something here for you!"

Photo of Jessica Kennedy Jessica Kennedy
Lead Mobile Developer
Market America

"Clear, concise, funny and informative, this book will help anyone who has no idea what an API is or anyone who wants to build one (the right way). Adam’s book is full of awesome and a copy should be in every bookshelf around the planet."

Photo of Matt Gifford Matt Gifford
Lead Developer
Monkeh Works Ltd.

"I frequently used to ask, 'How is REST any better? I just don't understand'. Adam answers that question in a very clear and concise manner, with the right amount of humor to keep it interesting. Anyone who builds APIs, or will, needs this book on their shelf."

Photo of Scott Stroz Scott Stroz
Software Architect
Booz Allen Hamilton


Taffy is an open source project I started in May 2010 with the goal of making it easier to create REST APIs on CFML platforms. It has since spawned a vibrant community with more than 30 contributors and become the defacto framework for creating REST APIs in CFML.

It makes perfect sense, then, to include an appendix of code samples showing the implementation of concepts discussed in the book using Taffy; and that's just what I've done!

Don't know CFML? Don't worry! The appendix with Taffy code samples is only a small part of the book, not core to its utility. CFML is also easy to read and it looks a bit like JavaScript. Even if you have no intention of writing CFML code, the samples will help to clarify the concepts of the book.

Heck, a functional Taffy API can fit into a single tweet:

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